Day 2 Dispatch from eWorld

Posted on September 29, 2010


The following is a re-post from the Essential Connections Blog

Day 1 from the 2010 eWorld Conference in London delivered a cornucopia of energetic insight covering a variety of both current and emerging trends and challenges in the procurement and supply chain world.

From The Hackett Group’s Chris Sawchuk’s opening keynote address “Agile Procurement: A New Value Proposition for a Volatile World (Keynote 1) (Click to Access)” and Jeremy Smith’s session on “Developing an Advanced Competence in Purchasing & Supply (Session F) (Click to Access),” to Debbie Venn’s perspectives on “Outsourcing and Procurement: The Hot Points and Pitfalls (Session C) (Click to Access)” the range of coverage offers something substantive for everyone in attendance, as well as those listening over the virtual airwaves.

Day 2 promises much of the same, including a session that has been recommended by public sector veteran and the author of Towards Tesco – improving public sector procurement’s Colin Cram titled “Procurement Expert vs. Category Expert: Is technology better bought by non-technical people? (Session K) (Click to Access)” and of course our Roundtable discussion “Revisiting Outsourcing: Is it a Viable Strategy?” (Session O) (Click to Access)” featuring an outstanding guest panel that includes the aforementioned Cram, former U.S. Government CIO Karen Evans, and leading cyber security expert and author Richard Stiennon talking about security issues in the cloud and managing the risk associated with outsourcing strategies.

Reminder: the sessions we are covering at eWorld are being made available on a delayed broadcast basis, while the Roundtable will be live in real time.  All session broadcasts are recorded in their entirety and will also be made available on an on-demand basis, so remember to visit the eWorld Event Page on the Procurement Insights Blog.

We will also be offering bonus coverage of additional sessions for which we will be posting the broadcast schedule shortly.

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