eWorld Dispatch 1 – Roundtable on Outsourcing and Security in the Cloud Challenges

Posted on September 29, 2010


The following is a re-post from the Essential Connections Blog

Broadcasting to both a virtual audience as well as a live audience simultaneously is exciting and energizing in that you have a rare opportunity to not only hear but see the reactions to a tremendously interesting and insightful guest panel, whose positions on the subject of outsourcing and the challenges of security in the cloud were thought provoking, controversial and in the end infinitely useful.

Returning to the PI Window on Business Show, Colin Cram, Karen Evans and Richard Stiennon opened up avenues of thinking about a complex issue which encompassed everything from properly establishing clear outsourcing initiative guidelines, risk allocation and execution responsibilities.  In short, the discussion provided a true framework for outsourcing success while navigating the uncertainty of the cloud in terms of security threats.

In October, and as part of our Roundtable White Paper Series, we will be releasing a paper highlighting the key points from this most recent segment at the 2010 eWorld Conference in London.

In the meantime, remember to enjoy the on-demand broadcast in it’s entirety through the following link; (eWorld) Live Roundtable: “Revisiting Outsourcing: Is it a Viable Strategy?”

PROGRAM NOTE: There was a time delay of 10 minutes at the start of the broadcast before the actual Roundtable discussion started. To bypass the 10 minutes simply download the broadcast to your computer and begin playing at the 11 minute mark. An edited version will be made available within the next 48 hours.

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