K2 Sourcing becomes the newest Procurement Insights Sponsor

Posted on February 15, 2011


One of the things I try to do relative to our Sponsorship Program is to create an affordable venue for up and coming companies to access the broader market.  This is one of the reasons why I have maintained the same basic sponsorship fee since the Procurement Insights Blog was launched in May 2007.

The premise upon which this is based, is that there are hidden gems for lack of a better word, within the SaaS world whose access to those who could benefit most from their technology and services, was severely limited by the onerous pricing models of the Gartners and Aberdeens.  Let’s be honest, very few organizations – especially in a challenging economy, can easily digest the $10K that is required by these analyst firms to gain their attention and corresponding coverage.  This I believe is a disservice from the standpoint that being able to afford to play does not equal being the best in or on the field.  The fact that 85% of all IT/ERP-centric initiatives fail to deliver the expected results gives testimony to the veracity of this observation.

Taking into account the success of the PI Social Media Network – as you know in 2010 we were listed as being amongst the most influential 120 social media companies in the world in Lon Safko’s Social Media Bible, I have been afforded the luxury of being selective as to who ultimately becomes a sponsor for the blog.  I think that this is a good thing simply because we can then focus on those organizations who we believe have the most to offer, and do so within the context of providing our readers with an objective lens through which said solutions and services can be viewed.

Under this banner of transparency, I have to admit that when I was first contacted by K2 Sourcing while unfamiliar with the company, upon closer review they reminded me of my company in the late 1990s which was ultimately sold for $12 million to a larger publicly traded enterprise.   Of course this experience during the heyday of the dot com boom is a story in and of itself but, is also one that  is better left for perhaps another post.

The key point here is that K2 Sourcing epitomizes the concept and values behind the Procurement Insights Sponsorship Program in that they are one of those hidden gems who for want of wider exposure, would and could very well be a major force in the marketplace.

The most important attribute that K2 brings to the table is their simplicity in terms of delivering tangible results.  There is no long and onerous implementation process associated with their offerings, nor is their the burdensome costs that was once the hallmark of most automation initiatives.  Just a pure and simple capability of producing targeted savings almost immediately out of the gate.

As we begin to build the K2 Sourcing Sponsor Profile Page which will include links to future blog posts and radio interviews, I would encourage you to check out their website and let me know what you think about their offerings.  After all, the road to success can be a straight line.