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Posted on February 15, 2011


As one might reasonably conclude, my February 8th, 2011 Procurement Insights post titled “According to study conducted over three decades buyers warrant little consideration in terms of value to the organization,” was somewhat incendiary . . . although few actually disagreed outright with its observations.

In essence, we all know something is broken but do we know how to fix it?

In this afternoon’s interview (Buyers Meeting Point: Addressing the Talent Gap in the procurement Profession), in which I talk with Buyers Meeting Point’s Cindy Allen-Murphy and Kelly Barner, we examine more closely the disconnect between the perceived recognition of purchasing as a key contributor to enterprise success and the diminishing view of the professional buyer’s value in this process.

It seems almost contradictory to say that the profession is more valued than the professional but, as you tune into this 30 minute segment you will begin to understand why senior executives feel that the best person to run a purchasing department is not someone with a purchasing background.

You will also gain an understanding of how associations are vulnerable to potential declines in membership and related revenue as more companies opt out of paying for the certification courses they feel are out of touch with the global business model.  After all, and with new recruits coming up through the University ranks having chosen the profession rather than simply falling into it, why would companies foot the bill to educate professionals through associations?  I mean isn’t a University degree and the knowledge gain it implies more valuable than association certification?

It is in this fluid void of transformation, or perhaps evolution would be a better word, that Buyers Meeting Point presents the social networking ideal in terms of being a knowledge facilitator, empowering what we will refer to as traditional buyers with the added edge of timely insight and relevant perspectives on a free use basis.  No costly membership fees and even better, expertise on demand.

Speaking of on-demand, remember to tune into a replay of this afternoon’s broadcast and let me know what you think.  Are we in fact entering a new era of information accessibility in which association membership models have become too costly to maintain?

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