PI Inquisitive Eye goes undercover at SAP, Oracle and Ariba

Posted on February 17, 2011


It isn’t often that you get the opportunity to be the proverbial fly on the wall in terms of having access to the hallowed boardrooms and back offices of industry giants such as SAP, Oracle and Ariba.  But flies on the wall we were, when the PI Inquisitive Eye went undercover at an SAP board of directors management meeting that reviewed the vendor’s declining revenue performance and their imaginative way of turning things around.

Righting the SAP Ship!

We also secretly followed an Oracle implementation team into a new account to gain an idea of where initiatives such as the ones with the State of California and Veterans Health Administration went off track.

Oracle: Implementing Success?

Finally, and pulling a tape from our archives, we actually were present when Ariba’s leadership made the momentous decision to move from a traditional licensing model to becoming a on-demand vendor including, their brief contemplation of a name change to go along with their DNA transformation as an organization.  Based on current results, the name their leadership was proposing for their on-demand product seems appropriate.

Ariba’s Transformation from the Top!

Overall, these ever so brief views into the world of the large industry players of the past, goes a long way towards explaining why the majority of all automation initiatives run over budget and overtime, while delivering only a fraction of the promised savings.

Don’t you just love undercover work?!


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