Just Say No To . . . A Government-Wide Free Spend Analysis?

Posted on April 20, 2011


Cabinet Office Declines Free Offer from Rosslyn Analytics and QlikTech to Fix Deficiencies in Central Government Procurement

London, UK – 13 April 2011: The UK government’s failure to embrace the latest proven private sector technologies is costing the public sector billions in lost savings.

Three weeks after announcing an unprecedented offer to aggregate public sector expenditure data from all major central departments for free in April, Rosslyn Analytics and QlikTech are disappointed to announce today that senior government officials have refused to quickly address – and at no cost to taxpayers – highly publicised shortcomings in government spending data.

John Collington, Head of Procurement in the Cabinet Office’s Efficiency and Reform Group (ERG), cited three reasons for declining the offer:

• A lack of willingness to ask departments to provide their data in a standard template to Rosslyn Analytics;

• A lack of belief that Rosslyn Analytics and QlikTech could deliver what they proposed within the one-month time frame;

• A decision to already build an expensive data warehouse which will serve as a central repository of department spending data.

The above is an excerpt from a press release from UK-based Rosslyn Analytics, announcing that their offer to provide the Cabinet Office with a free government-wide spend analysis had been declined.

Joining me from the UK this Thursday on the PI Inquisitive Eye TV Show and The PI Window on Business on Blog Talk Radio is 30 year public sector veteran and the author of the seminal paper “Towards Tesco – improving public sector procurement” Colin Cram, who will provide his views on why the government is turning down an offer that it would appear they could not (or should not) refuse.

Collington declines free spend analysis offer

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