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But You Can’t Say That, or Why Do I Write What I Write?

January 15, 2016


Someone recently asked me why I write what I write? My initial response was to say something reminiscent of the sentiments expressed by George Leigh Mallory regarding why he climbed Mount Everest . . . because it is there. In short, I write because I love to write. However – and this is just my viewpoint, […]

Rosslyn Analytics Makes The Mayor of Detroit An Offer He May Not Be Able To Refuse by Jon Hansen

September 9, 2014


“Detroit has been spending on average $100 million more than it has taken in for each of the past five years. The city’s $11 billion in unsecured debt includes $6 billion in health and other retirement benefits and $3 billion in retiree pensions for its 20,000 city pensioners, who are slated to receive less than 10 […]

GroupRFx: A Dragon’s Den View by Kelly Barner

January 22, 2014


Editor’s Note: On January 21st, 2014 I had the opportunity to interview Year in the Life candidate GroupRFx, a New Wave company that offers a competitive bidding platform designed to improve the procurement and tendering process within a GPO framework.  In the post-show commentary, our Dragon’s Den (or Shark Tank if you prefer) panel of […]

Don’t Abdicate – Delegate by Kelly Barner

September 11, 2013


In my August 26th weekly procurement update on the PI Window on Business Blog Talk Radio program, I addressed the continued need for human intervention in spend analysis, regardless of opportunities for automation and outsourcing. An over-reliance on technology at the outset of the spend analysis process can be costly later on, when procurement needs […]

Response to UK Government broadcast noteworthy for many reasons

April 22, 2011


  As we discovered during my interview with Colin Cram yesterday, there is more than meets the eye in terms of the critical drivers behind any government’s decision-making process . . . even when it involves a free offer from an emerging industry leader in spend management. That being said, there are still those whose […]

Just Say No To . . . A Government-Wide Free Spend Analysis?

April 20, 2011


Cabinet Office Declines Free Offer from Rosslyn Analytics and QlikTech to Fix Deficiencies in Central Government Procurement London, UK – 13 April 2011: The UK government’s failure to embrace the latest proven private sector technologies is costing the public sector billions in lost savings. Three weeks after announcing an unprecedented offer to aggregate public sector […]

Emory University’s Decision to Implement Zycus Spend Analysis and Strategic Sourcing Solutions Noteworthy

January 19, 2010


The recent news that Zycus had cracked the education market with the announcement that Atlanta-based Emory University has decided to implement the company’s “SaaS based Spend Analysis and Strategic Sourcing solutions,” is noteworthy on many levels. One of the most demanding sectors in which the dynamics of decentralized purchasing practices at the departmental level doesn’t […]

Converteam’s selection of Zycus multi-lingual capabilities give testimony to Spend Analysis’ economic reach

January 13, 2010


When I read the announcement that Converteam, which ” provides customized solutions to convert electrical energy through optimum applications of technology” had selected the Zycus Spend Analysis platform, I was immediately reminded of the old saying that one cannot “see the forest for the trees.” Now one might be inclined to equate the “forest” reference […]

Tomorrow’s PI Window on Business Panel Discussion on Spend Intelligence Inspires Debate

September 23, 2009


Whenever you bring together a group of thought leaders and practitioners to discuss a topic which by its very definition ensures diverse views you have the makings for a program that will be both informative and engaging. Tomorrow’s PI Window on Business Show will be that and more as I am joined by a guest […]

Spend Analysis versus Spend Intelligence: More Than a Semantical Difference

August 11, 2009


I believe the phrase “spend intelligence” to be misleading. To me, it sounds like a new take or sub-segment of business intelligence software applications which offer analytics and dashboard capabilities and sit on top of existing systems of record. The problem is that spend visibility and analytics is much more complex, requiring data cleansing, rationalization, […]