Converteam’s selection of Zycus multi-lingual capabilities give testimony to Spend Analysis’ economic reach

Posted on January 13, 2010


When I read the announcement that Converteam, which ” provides customized solutions to convert electrical energy through optimum applications of technology” had selected the Zycus Spend Analysis platform, I was immediately reminded of the old saying that one cannot “see the forest for the trees.”

Now one might be inclined to equate the “forest” reference to being a catchy PR phrase that somehow reflects the clarity of vision the Converteam organization will gain into their enterprise-wide spend through Zycus.  I wasn’t thinking in these terms but, it actually is quite catchy – note to self, contact Zycus marketing team.

However, an analogical point of reference was not the basis for the original observation.

What was compelling about the announcement centered on the Converteam’s service offering.  Specifically, the company’s provision of  “power solutions worldwide” in which they service “specialized sectors,” including core markets in Marine Offshore, Oil & Gas and Offshore, Energy and Industry.

While it is easy to become myopically focused on the the “supply chain elements” of the announcement that Converteam has selected the Zycus spend analysis solution, there is a much bigger story in terms of the far reaching implications of this decision that extend well beyond our industry.

For example, I did not realize that Converteam equipped the first LNG Tanker with electric propulsion in 2003.  Nor did I know that the company is a major systems supplier to the wind industry providing a number of innovative breakthrough technologies which include the largest permanent magnate generator for direct drive wind turbines.  What I am talking about are global issues which center on power availability and economic efficiency.

Converteam Wind Energy

When an organization like Converteam selects a solution such as the one offered by Zycus, the benefits they derive from an expanded visibility into their enterprise-wide spend and the subsequent improvements that will lead to better buying decisions and increased savings, ultimately have an impact on the products and services being offered.

Considering the nature of Converteam’s products and services, the decision to enhance internal “capacity” is exciting.  Especially from a Triple Bottom Line perspective.

The fact that they have selected Zycus to help them achieve their spend performance objectives, provides testimony to the company’s innovative uniqueness from a technological standpoint.  Or to quote Converteam’s Group Sourcing Director Christiane Lemercier, “Converteam has always paid special attention to innovation and technology, hence Zycus Spend Analysis was an obvious choice because of its innovative and easy-to-use approach to multi-lingual spend classification.”

Isn’t it amazing how much of the forest one can actually see with expanded visibility!