Today’s interview with Colin Cram telling in that it points to the connecting disconnects of pursuing government relationships

Posted on April 21, 2011


In yesterday’s post I talked about the decision by the UK Government’s Cabinet Office to decline an offer by spend analysis innovator Rosslyn Analytics to provide what was referred to as being unprecedented insight into the government’s spend data free (that’s right free) of charge.

To those who are inclined to make decisions based on attention grabbing headlines, the revelation that a government, any government would decline the offer of a free service from a recognized and emerging industry leader might inspire the kind of cynicism that is reflective of a department paying $495 for a hammer.  In many instances, this of course is not far off the mark.  However, and staying with the hammer theme, for want of a nail or in this case a subtle modification in approach may very well have tipped the scale in a positive direction.

Or as Colin Cram so eloquently put it, it’s not that Rossyln has bit off more than they can chew, but that it was more than the Cabinet Office can do in terms of influencing government-wide participation.

I would invite you to tune into either the PI Inquisitive Eye TV excerpt of my interview with Colin Cram, or if you prefer, you have the option to tune into the radio simulcast on the PI Window on Business on Blog Talk Radio.

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