25 Years and a Call To Action

Posted on May 18, 2011


London, May 16, 2011 – ADR International today marks its 25th anniversary with a call to all in the procurement and sourcing community to build on the impressive improvements in procurement professionalism, standing and the skills set of the procurement community achieved over the past quarter century.

from the  ADR International Celebrates 25th Anniversary press release

25 Years of Making A Difference!

Over the past few years that I have been covering ADR International, I have had many opportunities to interview the firm’s North American CEO Bill Michels on a variety of timely and controversial topics including the collapse of the North American auto industry, and in particular GM, as well as the massive Toyota recall due to problems with its accelerator.

You can of course listen to the on-demand broadcasts of both “Intersecting Ideals: Why GM’s Supply Chain is in a State of Ruin,” and “Thought Leaders Segment: Introducing Bill Michels” through the provided links.

What is interesting about ADR’s call to action is that it is reminiscent of the veteran on a professional sports team taking the initiative to deliver a dressing room speech that is designed to both challenge and inspire fellow teammates to achieve greater levels of success.

Rockne rallies the team in the dressing room

Of course, you yourself need the creditability of a solid track record to be able to issue such a call to action, which is something that Michels and his organization ADR International, have done over the past 25 years.

However, and despite an illustrious past from which to draw both important as well as hard earned lessons, Michels still keeps an eye to the future when he makes the statement that “the key is not to be stuck in the past, but to use the past as the starting point for our future.”

When one considers the exciting changes that have and are taking place relative to the recognition of purchasing’s increasingly important role in the emerging global enterprise, including all this entails for both the professional and the profession as a whole, Michels is on the money once again.

In fact I am of the opinion that like the hit 1986 song by Timbuk 3, The Future’s So Bright, I (we) Gotta Wear Shades.

Congratulations ADR International on 25 years and counting . . .