2020 Predictions interesting, but are they an accurate reflection of what is to come?

Posted on July 8, 2011


Okay, I admit it!

While I had originally planned to write about Free and Open Source Software or FOSS in the public sector this week (a topic that has been of great personal interest), it seems that there are just too many rich stories out there to share that have a much broader appeal than discussing the legal, practical and ultimately operational aspects of the FOSS model including the subtle (or cultural) differences between free software and open source software.

Do not get me wrong, I will definitely be dedicating an upcoming theme week to this topic.  In the meantime, and for those who may have missed my original June 25th post, here is the link to Recent announcement by UK Government re open source software refocuses attention on PI 2007 post.

Now to  the day’s business at hand, and the recent Washington Technology article by Bob Lohfeld in which the chief executive officer of the Lohfeld Consulting Group took the bold step in predicting what the market will look like in Zager and Evans fashion in 5 critical areas in the year 2020.  (Note: yes I know, the Zager and Evans song is titled In The Year 2525, but you get my drift.)

The 5 areas upon which Lohfeld focused includes; Government Market, Workforce, Process, Technology and Transportation.

Over the next week I will be dedicating a post to each of the 5 points Lohfeld covered in his article, where I will review and assess his prognosticative prowess adding my own unique perspective to the mix  starting with the future of the Government Market.

As usual, I will also be creating a corresponding poll seeking your thoughts and feedback.

A bit of exciting news . . .

Later today I will be making an announcement regarding the launch of the new Procurement Insights Blog Portal.

Under the heading “The dawn of a new era in blogging and blog sponsorship,” the portal is a unique social network that is dedicated exclusively to the purchasing and supply chain world.

Watch for the announcement, and get ready to access information and interact with other professionals like never before within a dynamic knowledge-based community using the latest and greatest social media tools.