The dawn of a new era in blogging and blog sponsorship

Posted on July 8, 2011


Social Network

I have said it many times before and will say it many, many more times in the future . . . I did not intentionally set out to build a social media network that would one day reach an audience of millions. In fact, the thought of expanding beyond the Procurement Insights Blog, which was launched in May 2007, didn’t even enter my mind until June 2009 when I launched the PI Window on Business Blog as an adjunct site to my Blog Talk Radio Show of the same name.

Nor did I anticipate the explosion in readership which saw one blog grow from a monthly audience of a mere 217 for its first post, to a monthly audience of 35,000 just a little more than a year later.

Today, I now write and/or contribute to 13 different blogs of which 5 English language and 1 French language is dedicated specifically to purchasing and supply chain management.

The question of course is why create the Procurement Insights Blog Portal, which is in reality a LinkedIn-type of social network?

There are many reasons that almost immediately come to mind including the evolution of social media as a conversational medium that actually enables you to engage with your audience versus just talking (or writing) at them.

As you begin to investigate the myriad of interactive media tools that are now available to you through this portal, you will realize (if you haven’t already) that we live and conduct business in what social media expert David Cushman referred to as a you-looking-at me and me-looking-at-you world where personalized areas of interest are not lost in the noise of what was traditionally a broadcast-driven unilateral discussion.  Or to put it another way, we can actually talk to one another as well as share information and perspectives through a variety of interactive media including streaming video and sound bites on a real-time, real-world (our world) basis.

There are many other great features to this, your new procurement knowledge community, that I would encourage you to check out.  These include the previously referenced video and audio libraries, as well as the various groups and forums.  By the way, and if you are so inclined, I would invite you to even start your own group or forum as well as join an existing one.  You can even try your hand at blogging as the portal provides you with an intuitively easy-to-use blog creation tool that enables you to share your posts within your own network of contacts or through the Portal’s main magazine.

I would also encourage you to check out our Sponsor Groups which are to a certain extent a small self-contained community within themselves, that are geared towards establishing a meaningful dialogue between some of the industry’s top vendors and those in the market they seek to serve.

Your first step in becoming part of the community starts with creating your own profile, which through this platform is both quick and easy.  As soon as you join, I will be certain to send you a welcome note and provide you with any additional information on how to maximize your experience in the Procurement Insights Blog Portal.

In the meantime, and starting next week, I will be posting a series of special tutorials highlighting how you can utilize some of the basic features available to you through on the new Procurement Insights Blog Portal, including one on how to build an effective profile.

See you around the neighborhood!

Jon Hansen
Procurement Insights Blog Portal