Gatineau Launches New Supplier Portal: Is it the start of a new era?

Posted on September 23, 2011


NOTE: Here is the on-demand link to my interview with the City of Gatineau’s Alain d’Entremeont, Head of Public Relations @ Gatineau’s New Supplier Portal.

As the City of Gatineau launches its new supplier portal does this mark a new era of engagement in the Capital Region?

I will be seeking the answer to this as well as other questions as I welcome Alain d’Entremont who is the Head, Public Relations Communications Department with the City of Gatineau to learn more about the municipality’s new supplier portal and what it means to local businesses on Buckingham This Week!

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Here is an example of the other questions that I will be asking Mr. d’Entremont:

  1. What was the main impetus behind creating the portal?
  2. Is the portal a natural progression of the amalgamation?
  3. How will this address the potential challenges in terms of the pre-amalgamation relationships between say Buckingham and its suppliers?
  4. Is the premise for the portal to create a centralized resource that will feature the best of the best in terms of suppliers?
  5. What challenges do you anticipate in terms of supplier response/usage?  What about buyer response and usage?
  6. Is it for example mandatory for suppliers to be on the portal?
  7. Is it mandatory for buyers to use the portal has their first step in the purchasing process?
  8. What tracking system or process have you created to capture relevant data as a means of demonstrating that the portal represents the best value for buyers and the best access point to municipal business for the suppliers?
  9. Is the approach to a centralized supplier resource going to mirror what has been done with other governments?

Given my extensive research and work in this area, it should be a very interesting segment.