There’s something for procurement professionals in the New 2011 PI Window Fall Line-up

Posted on September 26, 2011


We have just announced the New 2011 Fall Schedule for the PI Window on Blog Talk Radio, which includes two new shows that will connect directly with my readers from the Procurement Insights Blog.

Here is a copy of the official PI Window Fall Schedule Post:

The New 2011 Fall Schedule for the PI Window on Blog Talk Radio has been finalized, and I would like to invite you to tune into a great line-up of regularly scheduled shows including our new Buckingham This Week! and Off The Cuff: An Intimate Conversation With . . . segments.

Throughout the year we will of course be broadcasting a number of Premier Specials as well as offer a Breaking News telecast service which will see us come at you over the virtual airwaves at any time, any day with rapidly developing stories from around the globe.

And remember to join us for the often controversial but always entertaining 49th Parallel Forum with my American co-host (and chief foil) Jim Bouchard, as we attempt to tackle the thought provoking and at times perplexing stories from the world of politics and entertainment that streak across our collective consciousness and challenge our overall sensibilities.

In the meantime, here is an overview of our regularly scheduled programs.

Monday’s at 10:30 PM EST – Buyers Meeting Point

It was Sir Francis Bacon in his work Meditations which offered the aphorism that “knowledge is power.”

Over the years of course this ubiquitous term has probably been attributed to many others besides Bacon, however Sir Francis was and is the first to coin the phrase.

Following a similar line of thinking Buyers Meeting Point, which is a procurement resource site that offers purchasing professionals a quick and convenient access point to information and decision-making tools, are certainly not the first to operate within the realms of similar type web-based “knowledge-oriented services.”  In fact information in all subjects is readily available to the individual who has both the time and the inclination to navigate what Huxley referred to as a “sea of irrelevance,” which is the Internet.

In an effort to make this a less onerous task, each and every Monday I will be joined by Buyers Meeting Point’s Kelly Barner, who will provide an update on industry happenings and developments that will help you to keep your fingers on the pulse of a rapidly changing global industry.

Tuesday’s at 10:30 PM EST – enterprising non-profits

The social enterprise podcast series is produced by enp to help your social enterprise succeed. They have gathered a handful of leading experts to provide practical business information to help you plan and run a successful business!

They hope you’ll listen at work, take them along on your commute, share with your board, staff and students, or listen at home.

PI Window on Business is pleased to rebroadcast this informative and insightful series to provide the market as a whole with a much needed understanding of social enterprises, and how they play an important role in our everyday lives.

Besides the acclaimed 8-Part Social Enterprising Series, each week we will also share with you the stories of successful non-profit business from across the country.

You can also visit the enp website to learn more about this series as well as other important information on the enp organization and its members @

Friday’s at 10:00 PM EST – Buckingham This Week!

National issues with a regional focus it’s Buckingham this week!

As one of Blog Talk Radio’s most popular hosts Jon Hansen has interviewed some of the most noteworthy individuals from the world of politics, business and entertainment.

Reaching an audience of more than 2 million people each month worldwide, his shows the PI Window and 49th Parallel Forum with American co-host Jim Bouchard tackle some of the most controversial and thought-provoking topics of the day.

If there is one thing that Jon has learned in the more than 300 episodes he has done, it is that news, real news and human interest stories can and do happen anywhere at any time!

In Buckingham this week, Jon will touch on those stories that impact this community of 12,000 (and growing) that rests just outside of the nation’s capital Ottawa.

Besides commentary and guests as well as featuring local musical talent the last Friday of every month, the show’s format will also include a call-in and chat room capability so that your opinions can be shared and heard both here at home and around the globe.

Saturday’s at 10:00 PM EST – Off The Cuff: An Intimate Conversation With . . .

Off The Cuff is just another innovative format from the PI Social Media Network where we eschew the traditional or classic interview style and instead seek to simply connect with our special guests in much the same way that friends do over a cup of coffee at the local cafe.

It is an intimate setting where the conversation will flow in a direction that reflects the feel as much as the facts of the story we are covering.

Off The Cuff: An Intimate Conversation With . . . will air the first Saturday of each month at 10:00 PM EST.

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