eWorld Keynote delivered to 400 by remote Internet feed a hit with the audience

Posted on September 30, 2011


Click to hear the audio from my Keynote

One thing is for certain, the dynamics of conferences have been unalterably changed with the advent of the Internet and more specifically the emergence of social media tools that enable you to connect anywhere in the world, at any time and in a manner that is both engaging and effective.

Nowhere was this capability better demonstrated than it was at this year’s eWorld Conference in the UK.

Scheduled to deliver a keynote based on my Changing Face of Procurement seminar, circumstances prevented me from attending in person.  Problem?  Not in this modern age of globalized communication in which tools such as ooVoo, USTREAM Producer and the like put you on location virtually speaking.  In fact in many ways, the remote Internet Feed itself added to the presentation providing if you will a unique CNN quality that the audience found appealing as an adjunct to the content being presented.

Click to hear the audio from my Keynote

In the end of course content is still ultimately the driving factor for a successful presentation, however what the eWorld Internet Remote Feed experiment as it was called demonstrated is that a personal presence is not undermined by a physical absence.  What this means is that the calibre and diversity of conference content will likely improve, and improve dramatically as both convenience and reduced travel costs will enable event organizers to engage a broader range of speakers without the added burden of conflicting schedules and budgetary restrictions.

As someone who has hosted many roundtable discussions through the PI Window on Business Show on Blog Talk Radio, the next obvious step is a multi-screened broadcast.  That’s right, some platforms already support the broadcast of up to 12 individual screens simultaneously meaning that you could for example have instead of just a single presenter’s live image on an overhead, have 4 or 5 participants at the same time from different parts of the world.

Another great advantage of leveraging the new medium services is that besides recording the audio (you can access my Keynote by clicking on the images above), you can also record a video for rebroadcast on Internet TV.

For the eWorld presentation I will be releasing a video version shortly however, and as a means of demonstrating just how powerful a tool a Internet Remote Feed capability can be, the following is an Internet TV interview replete with video clips that I had aired in December 2010 with UK-based public sector expert Colin Cram.  You can access the program through the following link: UK Gov Tells Large IT/ERP Vendors That Big Paydays Are Over!

All-in-all, this is an exciting time in the knowledge sharing business as it has never been easier for people to connect and within the context of L.J. Hanifan’s definition of social capital, add significant value to their respective communities of interest.

Stay tuned for conference updates . . .

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