Towards Tesco Reborn, or why Procurement Insights is your number 1 source for well . . . procurement insights by Jon Hansen

Posted on June 17, 2013


It is a very exciting time for the Procurement Insights brand, especially with the recent launch of our new European Union Edition.

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Besides having has its Chief Editor one of the top public procurement experts in the UK (and perhaps even beyond) in the person of Colin Cram, we are going to be announcing 10 guest columnists whom I can only describe as being notable experts from the world of procurement.

Of course this raises the question; what exactly constitutes a “notable” expert?

To me, someone of note is not necessarily a celebrity per se, but is someone who is respected and recognized in their field of endeavor as being “in the know” and at the “top of their game.”

They are individuals whose opinions and insights can stand the test of time, meaning that they have a solid understanding of the key elements of a particular area and are as a result often times ahead of the mainstream thinking curve.

A notable expert is also someone who is able to maintain their relevance in a vastly changing world by being open to new ideas and having a keen sense as to how said ideas integrate with present day realities.  Think of it has being able to add a new puzzle piece to an ever evolving picture.

All this is well and good but, how do you really know that what you are reading is actually worthy of being considered relevant and meaningful?

In the case of Colin Cram, this was demonstrated by the fact that as a result of the recent Taxpayers Alliance paper quoting his 2010 Towards Tesco paper,  both the Daily Mail and Times made reference to his work in articles this past weekend.   Being quoted in the media and in industry publications is a good indication that you might have something worthwhile to say.

Similar to when my article titled “The power and promise of Web-based procurement tools,” which discussed the evolution of supply chain applications on the Internet, was published in the June 2012 CSCMP issue of Supply Chain Quarterly, Cram’s increasing presence in the media is notable.

Add into the mix media coverage including radio interviews on mainstream networks such as the CBC, and consultations with journalists from major newspapers in which our opinions on both sides of the pond have been referenced, is why I believe we have something different to add.  Especially in those instances when we receive news tips before anyone else in the industry, as demonstrated by our post OECM Punts Ariba, Taking a $20 Million Dollar Hit In The Process?

In the end, what makes what you read in the virtual pages of these blogs notable is that the size and diversity of our audience opens us up to new ideas and developments.  This in turn challenges us to always look at things through a much broader lens of understanding, which is reflected in what we write.

This latter point isn’t just the way we do things at Procurement Insights, it represents our commitment to you our readers to always provide meaningful and yes, notable insights into our exciting industry.

So stay tuned and follow us “because your whole world can change within 24 hours” . . . and Procurement Insights will likely be the first to know and write about it.