How do you turn Adversaries into Allies by Roz Usheroff

Posted on November 12, 2013


Editor’s Note: Given today’s post on the Bruce Atyeo lawsuit with the Canadian Government, Roz Usheroff’s article on how to deal with an adversary seems timely.

The Remarkable Leader

“The sages asked, “Who is mighty? ” and answered, “Those who can control their own emotions and make of an enemy a friend.”

from Bob Burg’s new book “Adversaries into Allies: Win people over without manipulation or coercion

I have a voracious appetite for reading, and though my busy travel schedule does from time-to-time provide me with the opportunity to indulge my passion, I find that there are far too many books that occupy my shelf space than they do my eye space.

However, Bob Burg’s latest book Adversaries into Allies caught my attention for a number of reasons, not the least of which was the subsequent tagline “win people over without manipulation or coercion.”

I touched on this point in principle in my recent 2-Part series “Is your brand your most powerful negotiating tool,” referencing the fact that when dealing with partners or stakeholders we…

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