10 Influencers in Logistics and Supply Chain

Posted on January 29, 2014


Editor’s Note: It is always nice to know that your writing has an impact. With more than 20K subscribers/followers it is hard to believe how far we have come since launching the Procurement Insights blog in May 2007.

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10 social media influencers in Supply Chain industry that newbies like me should know (Inspired by StrategicSourcing.com)

  1. FoodLogistics in NY @FoodLogistics (about 4,891 followers) provides articles in food supply chain industry.
  2. Inbound Logistics in NY @ILMagazine (about 18.9k followers) focuses on demand and supply in logistics industry and suggest solutions to operations
  3. Supply & Demand Chain Executive @SDCExec (about 4,001 followers) provides solution and information on global supply chain
  4. Supply Management in UK @supplymgmt (about 7,426 followers) is the leading magazine about supply chain and procurement in the world
  5. Supply Chain Brain @SCBrain (about 11.1k followers) provides global trends and details in supply chain industry
  6. Lora Cecere from West Virginia @Lcecere (about 4,584 followers) is the founder of Supply Chain Insights and a writer mostly mentioning about enhancing value in supply chain systems
  7. Mickey North Rizza from Boston @MNorthRizza (about 756 followers) tweets her own posts based on supply…

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