March Break (Radio) Madness? by Jon Hansen

Posted on March 3, 2014


JWH Live On Air2 (2013)

Okay, right off the bat I am going to acknowledge the fact that the NCAA March Madness event is hands down the big news this month.  And yes, I do usually watch the games into the wee hours of the night, strategically flipping between different channels so has not to miss any of the action.

That said, and given that it is now March Break up here in La Belle Province, we will be airing 4 interesting segments this week on the Blog Talk Radio Network.

Even thought you won’t have to furiously channel hop to catch every broadcast – or for that matter stay up to all hours of the night as each show airs live at 12:00 Noon EST – it is nonetheless an exciting week.  By the way, if you can’t tune in live, not to worry because all the shows are being recorded meaning that you can listen at your convenience on an on-demand basis.

Starting today, we will be airing our usually schedule Buyers Meeting Point Weekly Update, featuring Kelly Barner providing us with news from the world of procurement.  Be sure to catch the Andrew Bartolini soundbite on procurement outsourcing.

Then tomorrow, we talk about “Managing the Food Chain” featuring executives from two companies that have teamed up to support clients such as Applebee’s and IHOP.

On Wednesday, I will be welcoming back to the show runaway bestselling “Sell With Soul” author Jennifer Allan Hagedorn, to talk about her latest book It Really Is That Simple, and why it is creating similar waves of enthusiasm.

Closing off the week’s line-up on Thursday will see me interview Xchanging’s new U.S. CEO Marie Meliksetian, in a segment titled “A Year of Sweet Deals for Xchanging.”

All-in-all a pretty exciting week.