Bridging the gap between PPP promise and successful outcomes by Andy Akrouche

Posted on February 28, 2014


Editor’s Note: While his brief video talking about the changes to Defence spending and its impact on IRB Policy is starting to look like it is going viral, Andy Akrouche weighs in on the gap between PPP promise and results.

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“Recent failures, bailouts, and excessive costs show that the risk analyses and value-for-money accounting used to justify P3s are clearly flawed and cover up the true costs and risks for the public.”

Such as the one from which the above excerpt has been taken, there are no shortages of articles and papers relating to the unrealized expectations of what were once promising PPP initiatives.  The question is why do PPPs consistently underperform?

An April 2012 report titled “Public Private Partnerships in India: Lessons from Experiences” goes a long ways towards identifying at least in part, some of the key problem areas that have caused so many programs to run off the rails.  While this report points to many of the issues requiring solutions, it unfortunately fails to offer a real systematic framework for fixing them.  The issues to which I am referring include a “static” transactional orientation, how…

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