New Wave Company Update: Cloud wars veteran cloudBuy ready to overtake Apple, Google and Microsoft by Jon Hansen

Posted on April 8, 2014


Can we pick em or can we pick em!

Even though New Wave Company 2014 cloudBuy was not selected as our Year in the Life winner, they nonetheless seem to be making some major waves in the market.  One example of the company’s extending ripple is an article that appeared in today’s Telegraph.

Telegraph Article Apr. 2014

In the article talks about her interview with former Olympic Skier Ronald Duncan – who also happens to be the founder, Chairman and CIO of cloudBuy – and how his company after narrowly surviving the dotcom bust is now in the position to “become the biggest technology business in the world, beating Apple, Google and Microsoft.”

These are indeed lofty aspirations, however given that cloudBuy connects more than 5,000 suppliers with millions of users worldwide ranging from small businesses to giant multinationals, such prognostications are not entirely out of the realm of possibility?  Especially when you consider the fact that according to Burn-Callander the “e-procurement marketplace is valued at $550bn (£332bn), and Cloudbuy is set to reach a market capitalisation of £109m within a year.”

As we do with each of our New Wave 2014 companies, we will continue to track the cloudBuy story over the coming months and update you on their progress.