Bridging The Relational Divide Between Public and Private Sector Procurement by Jon Hansen

Posted on August 27, 2014


On Thursday, September 4th, 2014, I will be interviewing Kate Vitasek regarding her take on what it means to be relational in terms of complex contracting in both the private and public sectors.

Kate is an Author, Educator, and the Architect of the Vested Business Model.  She is currently Faculty, lead researcher Vested at the University of Tennessee – Center for Executive Education.

It will definitely be an interesting discussion given the increasing focus on the importance of relationships and the win-win mantra that for so many years have been long on intent but short in practical application.

Certainly the paucity of positive outcomes – especially in the public-private partnership arena – is an indication that change is needed.  But what form will this needed change take?

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