Watching NIGP Chief Exec implode is both sad and troubling by Jon Hansen

Posted on April 8, 2015


Of the many, many comments I have received regarding my coverage of the growing NIGP #CodeGate controversy, one that has stood out is actually the question “what is the organization’s Chief Executive Rick Grimm thinking?”

The above statements have been made in the context of both their surprise that he has responded in a public forum such as this blog, and that the nature of his response has actually done more to undermine his, as well as the NIGP-Periscope partnership, as opposed to helping it.

NIGP Bad to Worse

From lawyering up when faced with my questions regarding the apparent contradictions surrounding NIGP Code licensing practices in the March 31st post “Missouri Award Protest: The Gettysburg of Public Sector eProcurement,” to last evening’s loquacious misdirection regarding the award of the NIGP’s consulting services contract to Periscope via the April 6th “Deep Throat” post, Grimm is obviously a man treading water.

“Even with setting aside the above outstanding issues, reading your most recent comment is like watching someone take a painful tumble down the stairs.”

In his latest submission, Grimm’s overuse of the word “competitive” makes it difficult to discern if he is trying to convince me or himself that the process of transferring the NIGP consulting services to Periscope was fair.  As for the irrelevance of his “No current NIGP Board members are NIGP Consultants” proclamation, you just have to shake your head in amazement.

I can’t help but wonder if Grimm is the author of his own misfortune or if he is receiving bad advice – or a combination of both.

One thing is certain however . . . the more the man speaks, the more convinced one becomes that something is seriously wrong.  As a result, rather than diffusing the situation, Grimm is pouring the equivalent of gasoline on the proverbial fire, then stoking the flames with nonsensical assurances that all is apparently well, when it clearly isn’t.

In fact, beyond raising even greater suspicion, Grimm’s comments should make everyone want to dig even deeper.

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