New NIGP Revelations: A Story of Burnt Bridges and Promises of A Day of Reckoning by Jon Hansen

Posted on June 23, 2015


“I worked with them several years ago, and one day would like to tell you our saga with NIGP, their consulting arm and Rick Grimm. The worst and most unprofessional group of people . . . As the world turns every dog has its day!” 

Out of nowhere I received an e-mail in which the above comment was made.

Given what I have discovered during the past couple of months as a result of my coverage of the NIGP #CodeGate scandal, it wasn’t the words that were surprising, but the source. Yes, it is at least for now, an anonymous source. However, and for the first time, it is a highly placed source whose reputation and objectivity are above reproach.

I am not suggesting that the myriad of other sources, who have been of immeasurable value in terms of helping me to put together the pieces of what is a complex puzzle, are suspect. Research and thorough investigation techniques have shown them to be both reliable and accurate.

What makes this latest revelation different, is that it is an indication that what we have seen so far regarding the NIGP is just the tip of the iceberg. In other words, we are no longer dealing with the scandal in the context of a closed community of largely direct interest. The story is now moving beyond this point to a much larger audience.  As a result, I get the sense that there is a pent up animosity that is likely to explode sooner rather than later, as those outside of the influence of the NIGP begin to tell their stories.

So what does this mean going forward?

If the NIGP doesn’t make changes and address the various issues that #CodeGate has raised, then one has to question the ultimate viability of an organization that seems to have burnt more bridges than anyone may have ever suspected.

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