SciQuest Fights Back: A Case of David and Goliath? by Jon Hansen

Posted on August 14, 2015


Earlier this afternoon I received the following letter from SciQuest’s lawyers regarding my coverage of the company.

I will let you read the letter first, and then share with you my response.

Here was my reply:

Thank you for your letter dated August 13th, 2015.

I will be equally succinct; I stand by my research and what I have written.

That said, if SciQuest is willing to provide proof that anything I have written is inaccurate or, requires further clarification, I would be more than happy to openly share it with my readers. In fact I would invite you to have your client write a rebuttal letter detailing why my coverage has been as you put it “untrue and misleading.” I will then publish it as is and without edit. 

At the end of the day, the whole focus of this blog is to find the truth.

If I have missed the mark in any way, or have failed to provide a complete or accurate report to the best of my ability and knowledge and, it can be clearly demonstrated with tangible proof, then I have no problem in admitting so.  This is why I have, as before, offered to provide SciQuest with access to this venue to state their case, and let you the reader decide.

In this context, I will also let you reach your own conclusions as to why SciQuest has resorted to the measures they have in terms of a threat of legal action.


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