How To Avoid The Tombstone Effect In Business Relationships by Andy Akrouche

Posted on September 2, 2015


Editor’s Note: An interesting post which raises the question . . . at what stage are the foundations for business relationship success established?

Also note the reference to Virginia’s eVA.

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Welcome To TombstoneĀ 

Whenever there is instability and divisiveness in the buyer-side internal relationship framework, this dysfunction is ultimately extended to include external stakeholders such as vendors.

Think of it as the wild west town of Tombstone and the famous battle at the OK Corral.

What would it have felt like for an outsider to ride into Tombstone during the OK Corral gunfight? If you were that outsider, would you try to step into the middle of it and restore peace or, would you run for cover with your own pistol drawn?


For those of you who have followed my Relational Contracting Intelligence Blog, and/or have read my book Relationships First, you are already very familiar with my areas of expertise and focus.

As you know, far too many business relationships are actually compromised well before a vendor, a service provider or a partner is introduced into the equation.


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