Addressing Wiehe’s alleged accusations of being Big Foot with an agenda by Jon Hansen

Posted on September 8, 2015


By now you have likely read my previous post A Material Change at SciQuest?, in which I shared with you the information I had received from multiple sources within the company. Included were a series of audio excerpts from their recent Q2 Scoop session.

Another of the excerpts – which you will be able to access by clicking on the image below – is the audio from an animated short providing a SciQuest view of their competition.

While I am certain that you will find the clear reference to #CodeGate interesting, their view of the competitive landscape extended beyond what you will hear. Specifically, the assertion by SciQuest CEO Stephen Wiehe during the Q2 Scoop Q&A, in which he said that I have been less than truthful in my posts regarding the company, and that I have an agenda. Based on information from inside the company, the agenda to which the SciQuest CEO is referring, center around his comments that I am being paid by one of their competitors to write the SciQuest posts.

Have a listen, and I will address Mr. Wiehe’s alleged accusations afterwards. I will of course leave it to SciQuest’s competitors to determine what, if any, response they would like to make regarding this matter.

SciQuest Q2 Scoop Cartoon

“CodeGate is your fault . . . if only you had kept your mouth shut!”

So, am I or have I ever been paid by a SciQuest competitor, or for that matter anyone, to write the SciQuest posts. No.

Just like my coverage of #CodeGate, what I have written about SciQuest is based upon exhaustive research, experience and expertise, as well as the insights gained from those who have come forward as sources. For these people, I provide a venue through which their voices – in many cases long silenced – can now be heard.

Do they have their reasons for coming forward . . . of course they do. With one exception – #CodeGate’s Deep Throat – I don’t judge their reasons, nor do I compromise their anonymity. I do however seek to verify their insights to the best of my ability, which is also the reason why I extend an invitation to the company and/or individual about whom I am writing, to come forward and tell their side of the story.  In short, I seek nothing but the truth . . . period!

In the end Mr. Wiehe, while you can point the finger of blame at everyone else, or possibly accuse me of being paid off to write posts as part of an “agenda” as you call it, SciQuest’s problems are its own. You simply have to listen to your own words, and those of your CFO Ms. Kaelin, that I had referenced in my last post, to confirm the truth about what I have written.

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