Why I Joined The Revolution

Posted on September 22, 2016


Stand Up. Speak Out. Drive Change.

This is Kelly Barner’s and Philip Ideson’s call to join the revolution . . . the Procurement Revolution.

We are not talking about just a snappy tagline here with a great logo. When Barner and Ideson talk revolution they are using real fighting words. They are talking about the need to reshape our profession and industry in a manner that is revolutionary!

While I will let you check out the Revolution website to get all the details as to how you can add your voice to this important movement, I want to share with you my reasons for joining the Procurement Revolution.

To start, and with a list of over 30 industry notables signing on to share their ideas and visions for a better procurement tomorrow, I believe that this is the first truly collective and coordinated initiative for meaningful change in our profession. It is not an event within the framework of the status quo, but perhaps the beginnings of a seismic shift.

Sure there have been individual or lone voices here and there such as yours truly, who have been willing to speak up in the face of establishment criticism . . . although I still consider being called the Fenimore Cooper of procurement blogs by one industry pundit an honor.

What is even more interesting than the names of those who have joined Kelly and Philip’s revolution, are the names of those which are absent. Could this be an indication that one time industry insiders and perceived thought leaders are now the one’s on the outside looking in? After all, who would not want to be part of such an important discussion?

This of course is the perfect segue into my second reason for joining the revolution . . . no sponsors = no outside influences.

For years the procurement world – and more specifically, the industry’s media, have more often than not, been the paid voice of the service provider community. In other words, the only perspective that was ever really presented, was from a single point of interest.

This doesn’t mean that members of the service provider community are not welcome. It simply means that they will no longer have the sole or dominant voice. This is good for everyone in that through a truly collaborative dialogue, we can all collectively realize our greater aspirations.

In short, it’s time that we procurement professionals take control of the podium of our own futures, and in the process become the definitive voices in our own industry.

Now that’s a R-E-V-O-L-U-T-I-O-N!



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