What is good for the Theranos goose is not for the procurement gander

Posted on May 2, 2017


Short and sweet . . .

When I posted the following poll as part of my coverage of the Theranos story asking if procurement needs or deserves independent media coverage, the results were 80 percent Yes, and 20 percent No.

This lined up with what Kelly Barner and I found when we posed the question “does procurement need (deserve) independent media coverage? ” during our IACCM Webinar. Specifically, that the majority indicated that they not only need but want an independent media.

What is interesting is that when I then presented the same poll as part of my #coupakase coverage, the numbers shifted to 58 percent Yes, and 42 percent No.

Why the shift, and what does this say about procurement? Should the media for other industries be held to a higher standard than our own?

One thing is sure, we work in a fascinating industry.

Share your thoughts and cast your vote. By the way your vote is confidential so no judgment either way.


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