Procurement Execs Take Note: YOU ARE Part Of The Collaboration Process

Posted on April 10, 2019


As you know, I write for many publications on a variety of topics. Sometimes there is an overlap between the different media regarding the applicability of the subject matter about which I am writing. Such is the case regarding today’s post on collaboration.

In my latest article for Flock, I provide my take on what CEOs need to do to foster a culture of collaboration and in doing so I refer to several “industry thought leaders” including; Kate Vitasek, McMaster University’s Gayleen Gray, and Jim Bouchard. For many of you, the name Kate Vitasek is a familiar one.

From a procurement standpoint, Kate’s I-35 Bridge story is a powerful reminder that we are entering a new period in procurement in which the ability to collaborate and communicate effectively will determine the role we will play in our respective organizations going forward.

In this regard, I would encourage you to check out my article 3 things CEOs must do to ensure effective collaboration, and then determine your effectiveness in the three areas.


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