New Knowledge Note: The Amazonization Of The Distributor Supply Chain

Posted on April 22, 2019


Referencing the March 27th QSTRAT webinar Beyond Accuracy: How Distributors Are Transforming Customer Experience In The Digital Age my latest Knowledge Note will tap into the findings of the webinar’s panel of industry thought leaders in providing you with a clear outline of how you as a distributor can not only survive but thrive in a new digital reality.

Okay, that is the official line.

From a personal standpoint, the panel and discussion which included Paolo Del Nibletto: Executive Board President, Canadian Channel Chiefs Council, Harold (Hal) Good, CPPO: Procurement Advisor, IBM Futurist, and Influencer, Brent LaLond: Global Supply Chain & Operations Executive, and QSTRAT Managing Partner Steve Wargalla was one of the most insightful and energetic I have had the privilege to moderate.

Tapping into the panel’s diverse experiences and expertise regarding the impact of digital transformation from both a distributor standpoint as well as a broader supply chain perspective enabled attendees to understand the following better;

  • What digital evolution means beyond the conceptual level;
  • Understanding the gaps in their current business model;
  • Managing dramatic changes in customer expectations;
  • What it means to move beyond the cloud and work “on the edge.”

In a concise and readable format, my Knowledge Note will serve as a useful reference guide for distributors looking to move beyond the limitations of their current platform to better compete in a rapidly changing market.

Use the following resource link to download the Knowledge Note as well as access the Webinar Replay.

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