Where Are They Now? The Ariba Interviews (August 2007)

Posted on November 20, 2019


From time-to-time, we all like to reminisce.  Research suggests that there are both physiological and psychological reasons for the tendency.

While that makes sense, I also find it an interesting exercise in that it can provide a perspective of time regarding where someone was compared to where they are today.

Take today’s post.


Shortly after launching the Procurement Insights blog in May 2007, I was contacted by Ariba, asking if I would like to interview them about their “latest contract win in the Healthcare sector.”

In those days, there were very few blogs, and therefore the medium was considered a new and exciting venue through which providers could connect with the market.

As I read through it again for the first time in many years, it was an interesting piece, especially given Ariba’s disclosure that they would “re-engineer their software to adapt to the on-demand or SaaS world?”

While the post raises many questions today, the one that immediately comes to my mind is how successful were they with their SaaS “re-engineering” efforts?

Here is the link to the original post; The Ariba Interviews: Re-engineering the Future of On-Demand?


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