Hugging the cloud: How to get your arms around cloud services (Procurement Foundry Special)

Posted on January 10, 2020


When it comes to doing business in the cloud, it is best to keep your feet on the ground – at least figuratively speaking. In this excerpt from an article in the Procurement Foundry blog, Michael Cadieux talks about how organizations can transform their supply chain if they remember a few basic rules.

The results from a Deloitte December 2019 Survey would seem to support Mike’s position. 

When it comes to the digital transformation of your supply chain, is your head in the cloud(s)?

It is virtually impossible to read an article, attend a webinar, or for that matter, talk about supply chain today without the discussion turning to digital transformation and cloud computing. Some pundits are now even talking about moving beyond the cloud to “the edge.”

With all this energized talk, it is easy to get lost figuratively as well as literally in terminology and concepts. This uncertainty is probably the reason why several surveys and studies such as the one from McKinsey report that the majority of companies are in a “holding pattern” regarding their digital strategy.

So, let’s try to unpack this cloud business.

Forget the cloud

As is the case with any “technological” breakthrough or innovation – and believe it or not, there have been a few of these over the past century that at the time rivaled today’s digital frenzy, you must look beyond the technology. In other words, forget the cloud and focus on the foundation of your procurement practice.

If you do not have a consistent data governance policy, proper risk management strategy, or a quality education and development program for procurement staff, being in the cloud will have little if any impact.

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