Procurement professional 2.0: Why our industry needs a talent reboot

Posted on April 20, 2020


It is somewhat ironic that I wrote this article for the Italia “The Procurement” before the COVID-19 pandemic became a global crisis. In fact, at the time, the pipeline protests in British Columbia that interrupted the country’s rail system was the biggest threat to keeping grocery store shelves stocked. Being limited to China, the virus’s most significant threat to North American shores was the risk that the National Hockey League may run out of sticks.

Of course, things are much different now.

However, the need to reexamine our roles as procurement professionals is still an important topic – perhaps even more so now than before. With supply chain resiliency being continuously “stretched” towards a breaking point from every direction, and interruptions in the flow of goods and services such as PPE equipment for frontline healthcare workers creating new challenges, a talent reboot is needed.

I invite you to read the article below through the expanded lens of supply chain demands during this pandemic. After all, you know the old saying about those who fail to learn from history.

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