Despite the obvious challenges, social distancing measures would fall apart if not for supply chains

Posted on April 23, 2020


In my weekly COVID Myths or Truth, post I shared information from a series of IACCM surveys regarding the impact that the coronavirus pandemic is having on supply chains.

On March 6th, 27 percent of respondents to the IACCM survey reported that their supply chain had experienced disruption as a result of the pandemic. In a second survey, a couple of weeks later, that number grew to 60 percent. With the third and most recent survey, 78 percent reported disruption.

Despite these challenges, and has highlighted in the following excerpt from an article I wrote for Procurement Foundry, if it wasn’t for supply chains I doubt that the social distancing measures would be working as well as they are, if at all.

However, would theĀ confinement of citizens to their homes work as effectively if we were not able to order groceries or pet food (or for that matter anything) online and receive speedy delivery? The likely answer would be no.

While all of the other previously referenced points are important, it is this last one that showcases the real value of modern supply chains. As is the case with lines of communication, if we did not have the needed resiliency in our supply chains to ensure a continual flow of goods, the world would likely be a much different and gloomier place. – Procurement Foundry, April 23rd, 2020


Once again, check out the full article in Procurement Foundry through the FOLLOWING LINK.