What condiments do you put on your hot dog?

Posted on July 27, 2022


As a ubiquitously popular item, how would you, as a procurement professional, deal with the current mustard shortage, and how would you prevent it from happening in the future?


In other words, we have experienced pandemics, geopolitical instability, and dramatically changing and, at times, destructive weather events. We all know that you can’t control the weather, let alone the emergence of a shape-shifting pandemic or a war with global implications.

Are we reduced to being little more than reactive and somewhat frustrated spectators? How would you build an agile supply chain to limit the impact when poor weather lowers mustard seed crop yields by 65 percent?

I know that there are many examples I could choose to present this question, but if we are sticking with mustard and our food supply, what does agility look like when you can’t control the uncontrollable? How do you fix it?

By the way, here is just one of the news articles regarding the mustard situation.

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