How much more money will someone with a procurement certification make versus someone who doesn’t have one?

Posted on August 2, 2022


As you all know, I am a big believer in doing thorough research into a topic before writing about it. While this LinkedIn poll may not be an industry-wide exercise, it is invaluable because it provides an excellent starting point for a meaningful and long-overdue dialogue. In other words, and like the quality of a musical instrument’s sound is based on the musician playing it, when it comes to industry certification, its ultimate value is based on the professional who can apply the knowledge effectively. Perhaps a better and more concise way to put it is that certification alone without a meaningful contribution by the holder isn’t enough to make a difference in one’s career.

“A qualification without context, applicable capability, motivation or passion that can be evidenced will I suspect be of little value to the holder in the marketplace.” – David Loseby, MCIOB Chartered, FAPM, FCMI, FCIPS Chartered, FRSA

What really hits home regarding the importance of this poll beyond the response percentages are the comments such as the one above by David Loseby.

So Procurement Insights reader – what do you think? What impact do you believe a certification has had (or will have) on your career and earning level?

Use the following link (or click on the image below) to vote and comment on Sourcing Solved Iain Campbell McKenna’s poll.


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