Should I Stay or Should I Go? What Keeps You with Your Present Company?

Posted on February 1, 2023


The following comment from Anna McGovern, CPIM, CSCP, regarding the Mita Gupta article below resonated with me. What do you think – why do employees stay or leave a company?

“Thank you for the tag CPO ARENA and Jon W. Hansen. The issue of talent retention is a top priority for supply chain and procurement officers in 2023. Experienced and skilled talent left their jobs because they can, either due to retirement or greener pastures somewhere else. Retention comes down to the basics. Procurement professionals need to feel supported and appreciated. They need their leaders to advocate for them in the organization. They need to be rewarded. Rewards are not just monetary. They need career development and training. They need time off and flexible work arrangements. They need the tools and technology to achieve successful results. I stayed with the same company for 23 years – all in procurement and supply chain. All those things I mentioned above I had. When I no longer had enough of those things, I left.”

New hires leave after 18-months. In the procurement world, most professionals see changing employer/company as the only way to get ahead and make more money.

What do you think? Should you stay (with your present company), or should you go (look for greener pastures elsewhere)?

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