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Tell Us What You Think (POLL): Excel Spreadsheets Is Still A Thing?

February 4, 2019


You have a voice, and we want you to use it. Excel spreadsheet use in the procurement world is still widespread despite the advent of cloud-based, intuitively user-friendly platforms and apps. So here is our newest poll, tell us what you think.

If you left procurement, what profession would you choose to work in?

May 2, 2018


As a follow-up to my post regarding a survey which found that if they had to do it over again 50 percent of procurement pros would have gone into another profession, I wanted to find out what profession they would choose? Based on my initial research it appears that a fair number of former procurement […]

Advanced Poll For Horizon Mainstage Panel On Procurement Automation in Post Modern ERP Age

October 5, 2017


I will be in New Orleans next week moderating a mainstage panel discussion on Procurement Automation in Post Modern ERP Age. In advance of that session, take a few minutes to respond to the following advanced poll. The results will be shared at the event. If you are not at Horizon, stay tuned to the Zycus Twitter […]

What is good for the Theranos goose is not for the procurement gander

May 2, 2017


Short and sweet . . . When I posted the following poll as part of my coverage of the Theranos story asking if procurement needs or deserves independent media coverage, the results were 80 percent Yes, and 20 percent No. This lined up with what Kelly Barner and I found when we posed the question “does […]

New PI Poll: Does procurement need (deserve) independent media coverage?

May 1, 2017



Which kind of procurement pro are you?

December 10, 2016


Along the lines of a picture being worth a thousand words sentiment, take a few seconds to answer our poll as to which one of the two scenarios in our images below best represents the mindset of today’s procurement professional. Feel free to add a comment if so inclined i.e. why did you select the one that you did. […]