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How has procurement’s approach to negotiating with suppliers, e.g., lowest cost, impacted our ability to negotiate higher salaries for ourselves?

October 31, 2022


According to recent data, new procurement hires receive 9% to 10% more than existing employees within the same company.

The Procuretech Podcast with James Meads: Procurement Media through the Years

September 22, 2022


Which do you prefer: podcasts or blogs?

What do you look for in a procurement industry blog?

September 22, 2022


What procurement blog do you read the most?

Supplier Management During a Crisis (eWorld 2022 Special Podcast)

September 20, 2022


How has the pandemic strengthened your relationship with your suppliers?

As a procurement professional, would you rather work for a large or small company, or go independent as a contractor?  

September 2, 2022


From a personal career standpoint, is your company's success your success?

HICX – An Interview on the Challenges Facing Procurement Today with Jon Hansen

July 19, 2022


What are the biggest challenges we face as procurement professionals today?

Procurement in 5-Minutes: What is talent in the digital age?

July 7, 2022


Rapid technological and organizational change means that workers must now reinvent themselves multiple times throughout their working lives – Deloitte

NASPO Sent Me A Tweet Regarding Podcast – Here Is My Response!

April 27, 2022


NASPO tweet regarding podcast opens up the door to the past - and perhaps the next Top 20 show of FeedSpot?

Top 20 Podcast Series – Digital Procurement, Unwrapped

April 22, 2022


Here is #16 on the FeedSpot Top 20 list of procurement podcasts.

This Procurement Industry Top 20 Podcast Gives A Whole New Meaning To The Term “Take Five”

April 11, 2022


What is your favorite podcast? We have come a long way since the first procurement industry podcast took to the virtual airwaves in 2009. Here are today's Top podcasts in the procurement industry.