How has procurement’s approach to negotiating with suppliers, e.g., lowest cost, impacted our ability to negotiate higher salaries for ourselves?

Posted on October 31, 2022


Iain Campbell McKenna‘s #PI5M post with Gerard Cardillo makes me wonder. If we have turned a deaf ear to our suppliers on behalf of our organization, why would we expect our organization not to do the same thing when it comes to our salaries and training, etc.? By the way, click on the image below to listen to this eye-opening 5-minute podcast.

For example, year-over-year companies are investing less in training and education, even though half of the CPOs in a series of surveys expressed the belief that their teams lacked the required skills to deliver on their strategic objectives.

New Hires Get Paid More

Should existing employees get a raise to match what their company is paying new hires? In other words, should current members of your procurement team get a raise to be on par with new hires?

According to recent data, new procurement hires receive 9% to 10% more than existing employees within the same company.

Based on the above, what is your next move if you are an existing employee?

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