What do you look for in a procurement industry blog?

Posted on September 22, 2022


It is always interesting to take a step back and reminisce about now long-ago origins. In this regard, my talk with Ellen Leith (see post below) was fun with a touch of wistfulness. Time is indeed relentless (lol).

That said, there is something special about having had the opportunity to be part of the original group of procurement bloggers. People such as Jason BuschMichael Lamoureux, David BushPhil FershtBob Ferrari, and Tim Minahan were some of the early names whose passion for procurement energized the industry. Thankfully, they still impact our industry, and I feel fortunate to know them. That said, as the next generation of bloggers emerges, the future is indeed very bright!

Up next at 10:30am we talk to the legendary Jon W. Hansen for our Purchase to Pay Network Focus Week.

These days you can find a wealth of blogs and podcasts on procurement, but Jon’s Procurement Insights was out there, paving the way, back in 2009! And his blog was quite a few years before that! You’ll have also seen and heard him via PPN webinars and across LinkedIn commentary generally. A fabulous speaker and presenter too, there’s probably not much that has happened in the space over the last 20 years that he hasn’t heard about and commented on!

Well, we connected way back in the mists of time, and I can’t wait to share our conversation with you. Today it’s around “what is value?”

Sometimes we think of “value” as a finite thing. Value = value for money. Simple. Right? Well, yes – but also no. Value for money is also value for time, for investment, for people, for the company, for suppliers and products and innovation. Sometimes in the battle for talent too. Come and have a listen and join in.

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