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How Will ChatGPT Help Suppliers Win RFPs?

April 18, 2023


Is automation alone the cure for low RFP success?

Ohio Drops SciQuest And The Power Of Truth

April 26, 2016


The beauty about telling the truth is that it cuts through distractions such as a $3.5 million lawsuit, and places the focus on where it belongs . . . the facts of a story. Back on August 7th, 2015 I wrote a post titled The Ohio Effect: Why SciQuest’s condition may be terminal. In the post, […]

Why An EOI? Hydro Provides A Simple Answer

March 21, 2016


In my last post What’s An EOI? More Insights From Hydro on the $85M Controversy, I shared with you the answers I received from Hydro regarding the EOI process they used to enter into an $85M agreement with Tetra Tech. Based on my research relating to the use of EOI’s or Expression of Interest, I also provided additional […]

What’s An EOI? More Insights From Hydro on the $85M Controversy

March 17, 2016


In my March 10th post Manitoba Hydro Single Source “Controversy”: A Time For Answers Over Headlines, I had indicated that I had two questions for which I would seek an answer from Hydro. With my first question, I had asked for further clarification regarding the debriefing process for the unsuccessful bidders. I wrote that this was important, because a […]

Manitoba PC Party Throwing Rocks From Glass House RE Untendered Hydro Deal?

March 8, 2016


Today it was revealed that a $85 million contract with Manitoba Hydro was not tendered. This is happening too often. Our Open Government Initiative will ensure that untendered contracts are truly the exception and are used only in exceptional circumstances. Sign your support: The Manitoba PC Party’s opportunistic use of social media should be applauded. […]

NIGP Enterprise Sponsor Program: A clear example of blatant influence peddling at its worst? by Jon Hansen

April 22, 2015


Given everything that has come to light regarding the NIGP’s relationship with Periscope and the resulting #CodeGate scandal, Page 6 of the association’s Enterprise Sponsor Program raises some serious questions. Specifically the statement “This Program allows your company to lock-out competitors in your primary market segment.” (NOTE: not only is Periscope a sponsor, but Periscope’s […]

The thin line between undue influence and relationship building in the public sector

October 7, 2014


Three years ago, I interviewed Judy Bradt regarding a discussion I had with a former senior aide to New York Governor Cuomo regarding his assertion that the majority of contract winners in the state had been determined before an actual RFP was issued. Bradt’s response was insightful and deft in achieving the balance between positioning […]

If you want to make a ‘private sector’ approach work for public procurement – start small by Jon Hansen

October 4, 2014


Editor’s Note: The following is the article I wrote that appeared in the most recent edition of IACCM’s Contracting Excellence ezine  regarding the viability of the public sector adopting private sector procurement practices.  Check out the IACCM website to access other interesting articles and insights. Having written extensively about the New Public Management or NPM mind-set […]

New Wave Company Update: Scout Co-Founder provides his view on the Internet of Things by Jon Hansen

April 29, 2014


Following up on my previous post in which Freightos CEO Zvi Schreiber provided his take on the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Internet of Things and Humans (IoTH), we also solicited feedback from another of our New Wave companies.  I am referring to Year in The Life co-winner Scout RFP. Here is what Scout […]

Philadelphia Freedom: Is this the beginning of the end of the traditional RFP process? by Jon Hansen

February 27, 2014


“One of the reasons we don’t necessarily think RFPs are the best way to engage the creative insights of entrepreneurs and some of the most effective problem solvers in our society today is that we prescribe a solution in an RFP. There’s no opportunity for an entrepreneur or innovator to really work with a city […]