How Will ChatGPT Help Suppliers Win RFPs?

Posted on April 18, 2023


EDITOR’S NOTE: Here is my response to a post on LinkedIn regarding suppliers using ChatGPT (and other AI tools) to respond to RFPs.

This is such a great and timely question, Sarah Cotgreave FCIPS!

How well did automating the RFP process work? To start, here is a link to a video interview I did many years ago with Judy Bradt:

The main themes of the discussion evolved around the concept of legitimate preference and the fact that 90% of all bid winners are known before the RFP is issued.

Except for the Commonwealth of Virginia‘s eVA program, automation of the RFP process – especially in the public sector has done little to extend the distribution of business across the supply base beyond the top 20% of potential suppliers.

Here is the tie-in to ChatGPT bid submissions – like automating RFP, automation may accelerate the ease and speed of supplier responses. Still, it will not address the continuing need to build a “relationship” and “legitimate preference” between buyer and seller.

As a side note, I have been tracking RFP responses in the public sector since 2007, and no matter how advanced the tech, the trend has remained the same. –

In short, it is not a throughput and response issue but a people and relationship issue.

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