Conference Season in Full Swing

Posted on May 27, 2008


Hello everyone.


I know that it has been a week or two since my last post but I have been traveling to speak at conferences throughout the country.  In fact I just returned from the annual PMAC Conference in St. John’s, Newfoundland.  It was quite an event in which there was no shortage of timely topics and lively discussions.


Over the next few days I will be writing about a number of the presentations starting with the burgeoning interest in green procurement and the seemingly contradictory elements that go into shaping sustainable procurement policy.  (Note: if you haven’t already, you can obtain your copy of my latest white paper, The Greening of Procurement: How Social Consciousness is Re-Shaping Procurement Practices.  In the short time since its initial release it has outsold all other papers combined by a 3 to 1 margin, so it is definitely a “hot topic.”  Here is the link to obtain your copy:


On another note, and as a means of celebrating our 1 year annivesary (time sure does fly), I will be posting the “Best Of” Procurement Insights.  Like a greatest hits collection, I will revisit some of the more popular posts including the Dangerous Supply Chain Myths series, as well as individual articles like Public Sector Procurement Practice and the Wal-Mart Effect and The Change Management Myth.


Finally, I have set-up a new e-mail address through which you can contact me directly.  It is