Procurement Insights Exclusive: Taking An Advanced Look at the New Book by Source One’s Dorn and Payne

Posted on October 6, 2011


A funny thing about momentum . . . it has a kind of unique way of feeding off of itself to the point of gaining a critical mass that affords one with opportunities they might not normally have had.

From exclusive interviews with senior executives to breaking news tips, having the real inside track on industry happenings in the areas upon which one as a writer focuses fuels what is already a strong passion for the subject matter being covered.

Such is the case with having the privilege of being the first and at present only individual outside of the actual authors and their key associates to receive and review a pre-publication copy of the finished manuscript for what promises to be a very interesting book.

I am of course talking about the new project from Source One Management Services William Dorn and Joe Payne titled “Managing Indirect Spend: Enhancing Profitability Through Strategic Sourcing.”

Authors Joe Payne and William Dorn

Now normally I would provide you with a book review within the framework of this blog.  However having aired more than 300 episodes over the virtual airwaves of the Blog Talk Radio Network out of New York City, I thought that it would make far more sense to use that venue as a means of connecting you with the authors themselves to talk about their book and in particular the insights and revelations it provides in a rapidly changing global marketplace.  A kind of Live from New York sort of concept, except instead of Saturday’s we will be airing over a 22 week period a brief 15 minute segment dedicated to each chapter on Wednesday evening’s at 10:00 PM EST.

Starting on October 12th with the series premier, we will begin to examine the evolution of strategic sourcing through the eyes of two industry veterans whose been there, done that expertise provides them with a unique and much needed perspective on an industry in transformation.

Remember to access both the Live and on-demand broadcasts through the following Enhancing Profitability Through Strategic Sourcing (Part 1) link.