Breaking News: Vendor’s efforts to sue government for $62 million as a result of losing bid understandable but misguided by Jon Hansen

Posted on January 26, 2013


A January 25th, 2013 article in the Ottawa Citizen by Kathryn May titled “The trial of his life” reports how “Bruce Atyeo has battled the federal government over a multi-million dollar contract he says bureaucrats steered away from his company.”

Royal LePage 1

While I empathize with Mr. Atyeo, he is misguided in his efforts to sue the government.  The problem isn’t one of corruption but with a system that is based upon the false premise that government contracts are awarded on a level playing field basis.

Of course they shouldn’t be as I wrote in a February 2010 article because people deal with whom they know, like and trust . . . here is the link to that article which expands on my point; Latest Government of Canada Procurement Scandal Belies the Very Principles Associated with Effective Purchasing Practices.  Please be sure to read it because it tells the Royal LePage story in a light that many may not have considered.

The fact is that until public sector purchasing evolves from a politically-driven, everyone deserves a shot because it is a government that is buying mindset, we will continue to have these kinds of situations come up.  They are needless to say a waste of time for everyone involved.  (By the way, if Mr. Atyeo is deserving of anything it would be based on the fact that this inefficient everyone is welcome to play procurement process caused him to waste his time on bidding on the contract in the first place.)