Recent Zycus video demonstrates that even though you are “on” social media doesn’t mean you are “in” social media by Jon Hansen

Posted on June 30, 2013


If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”

Back in 2010 I produced a PI Inquisitive Eye Internet TV segment titled Spend Intelligence & Botox in which Zycus was the sponsor.

Even though it was a test broadcast that was based on a live radio interview from my Blog Talk Radio show, within the first few days it was viewed more than 4,000 times.  Not bad considering the fact that I only use USTREAM for private video/audio editing for promotional purposes, as the radio show is still my main medium.  What can I say, I have a face that is better suited to radio than television.

Zycus Botox TV Segment

Fast forward to June 18th, 2013 and the Zycus video about which I wrote in a previous post titled “Leaving Reverse Auctions in the Dust” has, with a paltry 27 views, garnered virtually no attention.  Interestingly enough at approximately 3,700, the total number of views for all 22 Zycus videos combined is less than the 4,000 views of the single Botox segment.

Zycus Busch TV Segment

While I am reviewing the content of the Reverse Auctions video for a future post, I could not help but wonder if the Zycus social media efforts are falling on deaf ears in that no one is watching.  The question is why.

The answer is fairly straight forward . . . being “on” social media does not mean you are “in” social media.  When I say “in” social media, I am talking about the 3C’s model of Content-Context-Contact.

While I will direct you to click on the above Content-Context-Contact link to read about the 3Cs, the point of today’s post is simply this . . . the if you build it they will come broadcasting mindset is dead!  You have to instead find a way to mobilize your tribe(s) by inserting yourself into the conversation.

At this point in time Zycus is only talking at their intended audience as opposed to talking within their targeted communities.  Until they begin thinking in terms of the latter they will, like the falling tree, remain silent.


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