Reader Spotlight Series or What does Martha Stewart know about blogging anyway by Jon Hansen

Posted on November 11, 2013


In our October 17th post titled “Martha Stewart’s comment that “Bloggers Are Not Experts” is a case of delivering the right message but using the wrong standards,” I shared with you my opinion on Stewart’s assertion that bloggers are not experts.

While I questioned the advice offered up by those who have been traditionally referred to as being experts in the procurement world, I also believe that it is the individuals on the frontlines of everyday purchasing who have earned the right to have their opinions heard.  In other words, we believe that you our readers, possess a real-world, first-hand understanding of the issues that affect you and your ability to do the best job possible.

As a result, and starting with today’s post How to Handle Contract Disputes by Shené Commodore, CPCM, we are going to cede once or twice a month the electronic platform from which we share our opinions and insights to you.

That’s right, we want to give you a voice to inform, empower and yes even occasionally enrage your fellow procurement professionals.

Do you have a story idea or an opinion to share?

In 300 to 700 words submit your guest post to me at

Our editing team will review each submission and let you know when your article will be posted on the Procurement Insights blog.

Of course there are a couple of pesky rules to which we must all adhere . . . and here they are;

  1. We ask that you provide reference links to support your position on any subject.
  2. Infomercials which are masquerading as an article will be respectfully declined.
  3. All submissions become the property of Procurement Insights.

There you have it . . . now release the inner writer in you and share your unique perspective on and from the world of procurement with your fellow readers.



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