Revolution to Evolution: Is the B2B Marketplace Undergoing a Major Transformation? by Russell Darling

Posted on January 9, 2014


Editor’s Note: Not surprisingly, it looks as if Virginia’s eVA program is once again taking center stage. In today’s In The Cloud blog post, Russell Darling talks about a recent article by Scott Walls talking about Virginia’s highly successful initiative and how they are looking to extend its effective reach through the engagement of both contract and non-contract suppliers.

In The Cloud

For years, eProcurement has been about supplier consolidation, to strategically limit the supplier base, to partner with content “aggregators”, to leverage those aggregators’ technology, volume pricing, and terms. However, during those same years, when I reviewed my client’s marketplace pricing (ok, maybe it was my mom reviewing the price of a MacBook Pro) I was often left scratching my head…this is a deal?  Maybe, bringing the smaller, leaner, hungrier supplier into the mix will increase the competition within certain categories and yield better pricing or service?  Maybe VA is on to something.

As someone who has worked in the public sector for more years than I would perhaps care to admit – with the dawn of another new year I am reminded how relentlessly quick time moves on – I took particular interest in a recent blog post by Scott Walls titled “Is eProcurement About to Evolve?”  Specifically…

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